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There Is Room (or Fear and all his Friends)

Apple shipped the first Mac 36 years ago. There was a time not too long ago when some people might look at you funny when you said you use a Mac. Now they are seemingly everywhere. It might seem like the iPhone and iPad have eaten the Mac’s lunch and pushed it out the door, but a funny thing has happened. The Mac recently had its best quarter ever, breaking their previous record by a mere $1.6 billion 1. Wow.

Why am I writing about Apple’s quarterly results on a website about podcast editing? Because after 36 years of shipping the Mac, when it seems like every person on the planet has one, there was still room to grow.

Guess what? There’s room for you too. Do a quick search for the phrase “too many podcasts” and you’ll find lots of results. Some people would love to tell you the market is saturated, there’s no room for any more podcasts, the best days are behind us. But I’m here to tell you there is room. There will always be room for people who have found the thing they love and do it well.

Podcasting has the ability to make us feel connected to one another in a unique way. Listening to your favourite podcast can often feel like a weekly hangout with friends. You pick up on inside jokes and references and feel a part of something special. Or you learn something new that you can apply to your life or business and make a meaningful change.

The potential is endless, but potential has to start somewhere. Potential wouldn’t mean anything for Apple if they hadn’t shipped 36 years ago and it doesn’t mean anything for you and I if we don’t take the first step and start today. The fear of failure is real, I get it. I feel it as I type these words. I felt it the first time I reached out to someone about working on their podcast 2. Don’t let fear stop you. To paraphrase one of my favourite podcasters, the worst that will happen is you’ll put something out into the world and help make it a better place. If you love podcasts and want to start one of your own, there is room for you.

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